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I contribute on OSMOZ since 01 january 2013 and my website is

Even though I’ve been fascinated by perfume since I was a teenager, I still studied first law and then journalism. I started writing professionally, and then about three years ago I thought of doing a blog about perfume. Alongside that, I share my passion for perfume through other media as well (OSMOZ, the Olfathèque, marionnaud le blog, ysl experience, and more) and I have developed other activities, too, like running workshops on related themes and doing fragrance consulting for individuals.

My First Fragrance

I fell head over heels for Habanita, by Molinard, at first sniff on a visit to Grasse when I was 13. I still wear it.

My Favorite Fragrance

Even though I do like to try new scents, my favorite perfume is still L’Heure Bleue, a floral-oriental with multiple facets. It’s as sensual as it is elegant, mysterious and poetical.

The Fragrance that Makes My Heart Beat Faster

I think Bois d’argent is super sexy on a man, and Musc Ravageur is just plain sizzling on a woman!

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