2004 Creation
Mixed Gender
Chypre - Floral Olfactory groups
Olfactory pyramid
Top Notes : Hawthorn, Cardamom seed
Heart Notes : Iris, Abricot Stone
Perfume grade 4/5 Rate and comment perfume 4 Opinions
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A rare and delicate approach to leather. Spicy, musky, creamy. With the creator’s ever-present desire to offer his clients only the best raw materials. Here we find Pallida Iris, Ceylonese cardamom and hawthorn blossom.

At a glance

Daim Blond, a rare, subtle and brilliant leather.


Serge Lutens loves the rare materials that he crafts with delicacy, taking the time to transform each one into a masterpiece. And so Daim Blond was born. The name alone (it means white suede) offers the promise of a magical olfactory voyage. Creamy, downy… a sensation at the limit of your skin, where touch and smell seem to meet and blend into one. A rare and intense (with a 20% concentrate of essences, instead of the usual 15) moment to share between a man and a woman.


Eau de Parfum, 50 ml.


The house bottle, rectangular, pared down and refined. As the first product in the new ‘High Concentration Eaux de Parfum’, Daim Blond is dressed in new colors: black case, black label.

  • No rate for this perfume 28 november 2014

    Je aime le nom. Je peux imaginer vetu d'un manteau de seude blanche ou une robe avec un nouveau sac a main en cuir. Ce serait un pur bonheur. Je dois essayer.

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  • Popular perfume 06 november 2014

    Un très joli cuir doux, crémeux, velouté. Un véritable parfum de peau. A cette époque, Serge Lutens était encore créatif sans provocation. Ce qui n'est plus le cas aujourd'hui hélas.

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  • Perfume appreciated 18 august 2014

    Alors, voilà un parfum de Serge L , avec beaucoup de subtilité ... Je l'aurai appelé Patience ... Pour l'instant, il m'aime ... ou alors, je l'aurai appelé Secret ..,

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  • Exceptional perfume 18 november 2013

    Il y'a trois type de dandy lutens pour moi dans la collection: n°1 daim blond le suave et charnel séduisant Tout simplement envoûtant

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