Santal Massoïa

Santal Massoïa

2011 Creation
Mixed Gender
Woody - Floral musk Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Heart Notes : Massoia Wood, Resin
Base Notes : Sandalwood, Milk Jam
Santal Massoïa
Perfume grade 3/5 Rate and comment perfume 2 Opinions
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Santal Massoïa’s airy opening is lightly green, with an almost violet effect. The woody-milky combination of massoia (a rare and protected tree that grows in Indonesia) and sandalwood grants the fragrance a fig-tree-like impression. Santal Massoïa also reveals a dulce de leche accord, a resinous note and a few spicy facets. Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena.

At a glance

An exotic yet somehow familiar woody scent


A gentle, lightly floral and airy wood scent, Santal Massoïa is a fragrance in the Hermessence collection. Each and every fragrance in this line, conceived for connoisseurs of fine essences, was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès’s in-house perfumer. ‘I want to smell what’s behind the air,’ Ellena revealed while explaining his inspirations for creating Santal Massoïa, an exotic wood essence with a somehow familiar scent. A fragrance for him and for her found in Hermès boutiques.


3.4-oz. spray, 3.4-oz. leather-sheathed spray; Box of 4 ½-oz. travel sprays.


A heavy glass bottle with softened edges, topped with a beige-leather cap.

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