Aroma Allegoria: Aromaparfum Exaltant

Aroma Allegoria: Aromaparfum Exaltant

2002 Creation
Woman Gender
Oriental - Woody Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Aroma Allegoria: Aromaparfum Exaltant
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Woody notes, with slight spicy accents of cinnamon and cedarwood, bring out this rich and mouth-watering composition.


With the Aqua Allegoria line, Jean-Paul Guerlain explored the scents of nature. This time, the Aroma Allegoria line, though still a trend hinging on scents, focuses on their beneficial virtues. Thus the three perfumes draw their infinite strength and sweetness from nature and they brings well-being and comfort to those who wear them. Aromaparfum Apaisant (soothing) is a fount of tranquility and serenity. Aromaparfum Exaltant is intoxicating and brings sensuousness and voluptuousness.


The flacons, decorated with golden strings, are smaller versions of the Aqua Allegoria flacons. Around the neck hangs a small color string with a golden pendant engraved with "Aroma Allegoria". The pendant distinguishes the three fragrances from one another. Aromaparfum Exaltant has a pink pendant. The case is lined with black velvet and is decorated with a cinnamon leaf.

  • Exceptional perfume 08 march 2016

    J'ai acheté ce parfum et l'ai adoré malheureusement il ne se trouve plus. Très puissant, il peux incommoder mais moi je m'en fiche et suis déçue qu'il ne soit plus fabriqué.

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  • No rate for this perfume 27 february 2015

    Ce parfum fait probablement partie de la trop longue liste des disparus. Ceci dit, les notes rappellent l'ambiance de Noël comme le précise bien CHRISFRED (cyprès, orange, fève tonka entre autres) et le flacon est sublime.

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  • No rate for this perfume 28 november 2014

    I love Aqua Allegoria. Now I'd like to become familiar with Aroma Allegoria. I'd like to smell like cinnamon on a Fall day while lounging and reading a book or magazine.

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  • No rate for this perfume 12 june 2013

    Le mélange me plait vraiment. Le problème est de savoir si ce parfum et toujours commercialisé....Comme beaucoup de parfums extraordinaires qui ont disparus....

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