Back to Black

Back to Black

Back to Black
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Presented as a fragrance built ‘around the honeyed, fruity, woodsy and ambry notes in the scent of tobacco’, Back to Black is an oriental nectar that possesses candied and vanilla tonalities, that can evoke plum or dried fruit.

At a glance

Decadent nectar…


Composed around honeyed, ambry, fruity and tobacco notes, Back to Black is a unisex addition to the Les Paradis Artificiels collection. Back to Black is also the name of a best-selling album by singer Amy Winehouse. For more info and points of sale:


Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz., refillable at points of sale. Refillable 1-oz. travel spray. 1-litre (34-oz.) fountain.


A sleek black bottle adorned with sculpted patterns on the sides, and presented in a box that locks with a key.

  • No rate for this perfume 10 january 2015

    Back to Black is the all-star, member of the top 500 albums of all time according to the Rolling Stone magazine. AC/DC wear just starting out with the replacement singer for Bon Scott. Love the album (no bagpipes :( ) I'd love to try this Killian fragrance.

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  • No rate for this perfume 04 may 2013

    Candy and tobacco would get me to try a unisex fragrance. Usually unisex is really better on a man or depending on the fragrance, better on a woman. I've never smelled a deliberately unisex created perfume that works "truly well" on both men and women. Not even the Clean line. It's a tad to girly for men.

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  • Popular perfume 28 january 2013

    la bougie assortie est démentiel... tres original, je le prefere en parfum d'intérieur le genre de parfum qui vous fait beaucoup de bien...

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  • Exceptional perfume 01 november 2012

    Sombre et envoûtant...

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