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The fragrance opens with ylang ylang and davana. The floral heart blends osmanthus, jasmine and rose. The scent dries down into patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh, incense and musk.

At a glance

A provocative and attractive scent


English lingerie brand Agent Provocateur unveils L’Agent (‘the Agent’). According to the brand, the scent is ‘a provocative potion, dark and mysterious, that captures (the) senses in a flight of florals, intoxicating amber and erotic musk’.


Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz / 50 ml and 3.4 oz / 100 ml.


The signature ‘egg’ bottle shades from pink to black.

  • No rate for this perfume 09 january 2015

    CAPTAIN - now that you've been on the Osmoz site for awhile, do you see how the site works? Do you see interaction? It is such a great site. I've even asked help to find a perfume and members give suggestions.

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  • No rate for this perfume 09 january 2015

    CAPTAIN - Why do you find it odd that: just seeing fragrance pyramids, fragrance descriptions and the bottles can inspire images and comments from creative people, myself included. Have you seen how many fragrances FOFY can comment on. And FOFY classifies them correctly. This was the ONLY TIME I ever made the mistake of rating a perfume I haven't tried. I get that you can't wrap your head around daydreaming which many perfumers want their clients to do. I do wish you good luck here on the Osmoz site. Nobody has enough money to buy all the fragrances out there. Many don't even have access to the perfumes do to limited distribution. Have fun with all the perfume brands Osmoz brings to all.

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  • No rate for this perfume 30 june 2014

    @Rosemarie Well, what Sanchez/Turin say about a fragrance hardly can tell someone if there's a reaction to be had or not. I'm new here but not new to perfume. Many people who love fragrances have read their book already. I just find it incredibly odd you would vote a fragrance you have NOT tried. Comment, sure, but rate?

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  • No rate for this perfume 19 april 2014

    @CAPTAIN: Welcome. Perfume is a big business with so many launches each year. On this website, you are allowed to post twice on a perfume or just mark if it inspires (or doesn't) you. Many people, myself included, will have a reaction to a perfume, but will end up never trying it as there are just too many. Each member's responses, comments & reactions, brief or not, are a feedback system for marketers of perfumeries. If a good perfume, doesn't do well in sales, the ad marketers could check this website and see if anybody even took interest in their perfume. Welcome to Osmoz. Just express they way that you want to. Good Luck.

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