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Antidote is described as a lush woody Oriental, overloaded with flowers. It has been built around 4 facets. A floral facet, a bouquet of jasmine, violet, peony, freesia, orange blossom and more... A spicy facet, blending cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and nutmeg. A woody, almost leathery facet, with patchouli, gaiac wood, white cedar, sandalwood and oak moss. And last but not least, the amber facet, tinted with vanilla and musk, grants the fragrance sensuality. Fragrance designers: Alienor Massenet and Pierre Wargnye, IFF.

At a glance

A magical elixir that ‘makes what’s negative, positive’


‘While Flowerbomb (for women) is preventive, Antidote is a cure’. Which explains how couturiers Viktor & Rolf chose the unusual name for their first fragrance for men. An olfactory extension of their ready-to-wear line Viktor & Rolf Monsieur, Antidote has a complex construction, like a bespoke suit. Its multi-facetted lushness blends sensuality, freshness and elegance. An amber-wood potion in a charm-like bottle, the emerald-hued juice is contained by a black cap with a wax seal that seems about to reach meltdown’.


Eau de toilette 1.3, 2.5 and 4.2 fl. oz.; After-Shave Lotion 125 ml; After-Shave Balm 3.4 fl. oz.


A glass square with bevelled edges, garbed with a metal plaque and a black cap evoking melting wax.

  • Exceptional perfume 26 june 2017

    Une fois de plus je ne comprend pas. Pourquoi une si belle réussite n'est plus commercialisée. J'ai adoré ANTIDOTE, tous les jours j'avais plaisir à le retrouver. Hélas ce n'est plus qu'un beau souvenir.

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  • Exceptional perfume 27 may 2015

    Fresco y llamativo!!

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  • Exceptional perfume 27 may 2015

    Interesante combinacion de sus notas, presentacion moderna y clasica, me encanta!!

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  • Popular perfume 22 february 2015

    Una pozione magica...!

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