Sel de Vetiver

Sel de Vetiver

2006 Creation
Mixed Gender
Woody - Aromatic Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Sel de Vetiver
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Three different vetiver notes were used: a fraction with fresh, tangy waves of scent, a Haitian vetiver essence and a French Bourbon vetiver, allowing the fragrance to reveal different facets of the plant: woody, smoky and more. The other unusual thing about it: the creation of a salt accord, a fictitious note in perfumery, thanks to the alliance of lovage (an aromatic note), resinoid iris (drier) and salicylates (slightly solar note). The fragrance is punctuated with a pinch of grapefruit and cardamom for freshness and patchouli for extra voluptuousness.

At a glance

The unexpected, creative meeting of vetiver with a salt note


A year after Jasmin de Nuit, Celine Ellena presents her second fragrant creation for The Different Company. Sel de Vetiver blends waves of ‘a fierce, burning vetiver’ with a luminous accord evoking an imaginary note of salt. The fragrance designed with a boldly sincere artistic sensibility will thrill men and women looking for new olfactory sensations.


Eau de Parfum : spray 3 fl. oz. refillable, spray 1.7 fl. oz., 48-hour range (3x x1/3 fl. oz.), estagnon 3 fl. oz.


The elegant, spare and massive house bottle, designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff.

  • No rate for this perfume 24 january 2014

    Alas, vetiver is salted. Sounds great to me. I'd like to try this and also try this for my man. Can we salt caramel next?

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  • No rate for this perfume 09 november 2013

    un vétiver de plage! salé et plutôt solaire, a l'opposé des vétivers vraiment boisés

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  • No rate for this perfume 27 april 2013

    Il y avait vétiver pour elle de Guerlain et désormais voici une harmonie de haut vol car à présent je le préfère à tous les vétiver ! Sa tenue est exceptionnelle et son sillage vous enveloppe avec passion. Des accords parfaits qui dynamisent la journée et énergisants pour le soir. Parfum mixte que je porte fréquemment pour sa fraîcheur notamment et son caractère Un vétiver chic et enivrant.

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