1925 Creation
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Oriental - Vanilla Olfactory groups

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Heart Notes : Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Iris
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The top note draws its freshness from a high dose of hesperides (especially bergamot). The floral hues that follow give the perfume a sense of escapism and opulence with embracing and powdery accents of iris, jasmine and rose. Iris leaves a sensual trail enhanced by the famous vanilla scent and balsamic notes such as opoponax.


Shalimar is one of the flagships of French perfumery. Travelling through time as only a classic does, it never dates and remains the epitome of oriental notes.Rumor has it that Jacques Guerlain created this perfume as a tribute to the legendary love story between Mumtaz and Emperor SHAHJAHAN in the Shalimar Gardens of AGRA. In Sanskrit Shalimar means '' the home of love''. When Mumtaz died, died, the emperor was devastated and had a tomb built for the woman he had vowed to love unconditionally. The ''TajMahal'' was finished fourteen years later.Shalimar is also the first perfume to contain vanillin ethyl, an artificial molecule smelling like vanilla and marked by an overwhelming intensity.


Designed by Raymond Guerlain, Jacques' cousin, the Shalimar bottle is reminiscent of the fountains in the gardens of oriental palaces. The cap is like a deep blue fan suggesting the traditional customs of those mysteriously enchanting countries.

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  • No rate for this perfume 23 october 2018

    I would like to try the other iterations as well!!

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  • No rate for this perfume 23 october 2018

    I recently bought a new bottle and the clerk attempted to stop me lol. He told me I was too young to purchase this scent. He said, wait you will not like this one, let me show you another one. I was confused for a minute!! lmao. I then told him that I purchased it before. He laughed and asked was it for me or for someone else. I told him I liked it and that it was for myself. We then had a laugh because I was not the typical buyer as he said he usually only sold Shalimar during the winter holidays(it was summer) to women who could be my grandmothers. He then let me smell other Guerlain scents. He seemed to actually be knowledgeable about the scents in the store. I really did appreciate his honesty because other clerks would have just let me buy something they knew I would probably not like just to make the sale.

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  • No rate for this perfume 24 march 2018

    chic et luxieux

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  • Exceptional perfume 03 may 2017

    This is one of my favorites. the scent is divine. it goes from smokey to powdery sweet. also the box it came in has a beautiful rendition of a guerlain boutique on it. the tan glittery evening bag with the bow that came with it also is a very welcome flyy addition. I try to not do repeats with fragrances because there are so many to try but this one here is above all that and a staple in my collection.

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  • Exceptional perfume 15 june 2013

    L’opoponax est une gomme résine, comme la myrrhe. C’est une odeur douce et ambrée, avec également un effet minéral, comme la pierre à fusil. D’autres parfumeurs disent qu’il y a un effet champignon. C’est une matière première qui est plutôt rare dans les parfums. On l’utilise dans les parfums orientaux, mais beaucoup moins que le benjoin, la vanille, la fève tonka ou même l’encens. On en retrouve aussi dans le parfum Opium d’Yves Saint Laurent.

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    Nathalie Feisthauer est parfumeur senior. Elle a créé des fragrances pour de nombreuses marques (Hermès, Van Cleef, Comme des...

  • Exceptional perfume 04 november 2012

    I have been a great fan of Guerlain’s traditional perfumes and Shalimar is among one of the classics. In this fragrance, I feel lemon, bergamot, jasmine, rose, tonka bean, vanilla, iris… The fresh citrus notes lead to a beautiful floral heart. Then the dry down is a warm ‘guerlinade’ base. The concept of the fragrance is historic, beautiful and timeless. Shalimar was inspired by Empress Mumtaz’s favourite garden. The perfume Shalimar’s magic is still strongly captivating and popular today. India has and continues to inspire many great perfumers and creators because of the complex history and for being able to convey ‘exoticism’ even today.

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    Born in India, Neela Vermeire lives and works in Paris, after having lived in India, USA and UK. Neela is a qualified lawyer, but her passion for...