by Azzaro
2003 Creation
Man Gender
Woody - Spicy Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Base Notes : Ambergris, White Musks
Perfume grade 3/5 Rate and comment perfume 4 Opinions
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The mysterious trail developed by Annick Ménardo brings out the woody ingredients. After a vibrantly exotic, spicy opening, comes a sturdy middle note of wood, warmed up by a sweet base of amber and musk.

At a glance

The brand’s third for men is aimed at younger, more urban men.


The place could be New York, Paris, or Barcelona. A contemporary scene of buildings and glass in dusk light. The city pulsates with exhilation and energy. The perfect setting for an intense encounter. A man walks down the street. He could be an artist, an architect, an agency executive, who knows? His pace is sharp and alert. His heart pulses in unison with the vibrations and sounds of the city. Attractive and cosmopolitan, he exudes a confidence that is charming and captivating.


Eau de Toilette 1.7 and 3.4 fl. oz.; After-Shave Lotion, 2.5 fl. oz.; After-Shave Balm, 2.5 fl. oz.; Deodorant Stick, 2.5 fl. oz.; Foaming Body and Hair Gel, 5 fl. oz.


As poised as a ship’s prow, as streamlined as a jet’s wing, Federico Restrepo gave this bottle a futuristic, high-tech look. The scent is sprayed on with a modern movement, like lighting a fragrance lighter, by pressing on the unique, copyrighted spray cap.

  • Popular perfume 19 september 2013

    Fragancia exotica, única, muy masculina; Exelente aroma amaderada y almizclada. Se la recomiendo a hombres que quieren dejar huella !

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  • No rate for this perfume 31 may 2013

    Es una visita a Europa!!!

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  • Exceptional perfume 23 may 2013

    Fragancia fascinante, exótica, única, varonil; buena fijación; se lo recomendaría a los caballeros para uso diario en el dia.

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  • Exceptional perfume 16 april 2013

    Noble aroma!

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