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I have loved perfume all my life. It is to me a necessity and a luxury all at once. It conjures memories, emotions, feelings, and transports you to another place and time. It can completely change the way you feel about yourself; it can make you feel bold, confident, sexy, or feminine, delicate and luxurious. It can also change how you feel about others. It is is so instantaneously transformative that it's power is absolutely tangible. Nothing else can do what perfume does, with a single whiff of its aroma.

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ange ou démon
Baby Doll
Beautiful Sheer
Billet Doux
Eternity for women
For Her Eau de Parfum
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Armani Code for her
Baby Doll
Beautiful Sheer
Billet Doux
Dolce Vita
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(untitled) L’Eau
24, Faubourg
Acqua Fiorentina
Après l'Ondée
Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice
Aqua Allegoria – Angélique Lilas
Aqua Allegoria – Pivoine Magnifica
Aroma Allegoria : Aromaparfum Apaisant
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Giorgio Aire

This fragrance really left an impression on me when I was younger and then I couldn't find it any more and didn't wear it for a long time. Now I've stumbled across it again and...

White Musk

I started wearing this when I was young and have always loved the warm and feminine fragrance it envelops you in.

Dolce Vita

I have always thought this fragrance makes a real statement. It is bold, strong and definitely not a wallflower. It is a fragrance that dominates. Very bold but lovely.

The One

In a word, this fragrance is 'SENSUAL'.