A*MEN Pure Cuir / Pure Leather

A*MEN Pure Cuir / Pure Leather

2012 Creation
Man Gender
Oriental - Woody Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

A*MEN Pure Cuir / Pure Leather
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In A*MEN Pure Leather, you’ll recognize A*MEN’s key notes: patchouli, coffee and aromatic notes, as well as some more vanilla-oriental ones... The whole has been warmed up with leather tonalities, ‘with almost animalic inflections.’

At a glance

A*MEN dons leather


Boldly masculine, A*MEN Pure Leather pumps up the powerful woody-oriental A*MEN’s sensual side. In 2012, Thierry Mugler is celebrating 20 years of fragrance with the Fragrances of Leather Collection, which is inspired by ‘the ancestral craftsmanship of fragrance- and glove-makers.’ The men’s scent A*MEN was poured into vats and allowed to mature in contact with plant leather. It took four weeks to ‘get the best out of the leather, and to reveal its most carnal scents.’ For women, the perfumes Alien, Womanity and Angel were also submitted to the same experience.


Eau de Toilette 3.4 oz.


The original A*MEN bottle has been sheathed in rubber with a black-leather look. The central star that embellishes the bottle is pale brown.

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