White Jasmine & Mint

White Jasmine & Mint

White Jasmine & Mint
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The scent opens with the ‘exclusive mint accord’, composed of wild mint and crushed peppermint leaves. It is mixed with cassis and spices. The floral heart reveals the ‘heirloom jasmine accord’, that reproduces the delicate scent of jasmine in the early morning. The base notes mix mate absolute, musk and woods. To be worn by itself or layered with other Jo Malone fragrances, for instance Pomegranate Noir or Orange Blossom.

At a glance

A scent inspired by tranquil moments in an English garden…


Jo Malone introduces White Jasmine & Mint, a scent inspired by ‘the tranquil moment in an English garden when the sun emerges, the dew gently lifts and the blossoms are at their most fragrant’. The fragrance is based upon 2 accords : just-picked white jasmine, and a blend of mints, that brings aromatic crispness to the scent.


Cologne 3.4 and 1 oz.


A chic, rectangular bottle topped with a metallic cap.

  • Exceptional perfume 25 february 2015

    This is not your average mint. The mint is downplayed and so is the jasmine. It is neat and clean. It's a very nice day scent. It is very delicate. I would have bought it if I brought more money to the store. Jo Malo

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  • No rate for this perfume 02 may 2013

    Soon I will pick a Jo Malone fragrance to wear for the first time. I don't think it will be this one. I would like a spearmint or wintergreen accord, but peppermint sounds too contrived. I could be wrong.

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  • No rate for this perfume 12 january 2013

    love the combination of white jasmine and mint

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