Perfume Calligraphy

Perfume Calligraphy

by Aramis
2013 Creation
Mixed Gender
Oriental - Floral Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Heart Notes : Rose, Myrrh, Oud
Perfume Calligraphy
Perfume grade 3/5 Rate and comment perfume 2 Opinions
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Perfume Calligraphy is built around oud (agarwood), rose and oriental ingredients. In the opening, lemon is blended with spices : cinnamon, cardamom, saffron. There are also other notes such as myrrh, patchouli, amber and white musks.

At a glance

From the art of writing to perfume


Aramis reveals Perfume Calligraphy. This fragrance is inspired by the beauty and prestige of words and of course, the art of calligraphy. This oriental cent is for both women and men. Avalilable in certain countries only.


Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz / 100 ml.


The bottle is illustrated with Arabic letters by graphic designer Tarek Atrissi.

  • Perfume appreciated 14 october 2013

    J' trouver la lettre....Je fais la carte perds..Je m'appelle Rosemarie...........More: I find a letter.. So I write a postcard.. I have to call him or have him back. "My name is Rosemarie," is how I plan to sign my postcard. He can find out the rest in person. Be sure to put on Perfume Calligraphy, when you knock on my door. Go ahead put a lot of parfum on. I will show you how I write some things in Calligraphy. I once learned a bit as a child.

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  • No rate for this perfume 02 september 2013

    انا احب الروائح العربية .. وبالتاكيد الخط العربى هو الافضل

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