Hello I am meglikesgoatssilver


I have 720 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2013-02-11

I love smelling things and learning.

I currently wear at least 5 fragances

I anoint: On my wrists / arms, On my body, Spray it in the air & envelope myself in it

I wear different fragrance depending on if it’s daytime or evening, I wear different fragrance, depending on the season, I wear different fragrances depending on whether I stay at home or go out, I like to match my...

I wear: Lolita Lempicka, Fleur de Corail, BLUE, Cannabis Rose, Cannabis Santal, Romance, Love Etc...

I apply fragrance: 5-6 days per week

I buy fragrance: Once every 2-3 months

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Aqua Allegoria - Pamplelune
Aqua Allegoria – Mandarine Basilic
Black Orchid
Cannabis Rose
Cannabis Santal
Déclaration d’un Soir
Fleur de Corail
Lolita Lempicka
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Cannabis Rose
Cannabis Santal
Déclaration d’un Soir
Lolita Lempicka
See By Chloé

I'm not overly fond of fruity florals, but I like this. It's not particularly complex or mind-bending, but it's very pretty and isn't overly sweet. I was worried that "apple...

Lolita Lempicka for Men

While I would miss the extra sparkle of the feminine version on myself, I think it's a great scent and wish more men would wear it.

Love Etc...

I own this and want to like it (the description sounds wonderful), but it never smells quite right on me anymore. It used to be pleasant (not amazing, but pleasant). Now there's a...

Cannabis Rose

I purchased this based on how much I love Cannabis Santal and am surprised by how different they are (in spite of sharing many of the same notes). Cannabis Rose is brighter and...