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Win a scented cruise with Monsieur Le Prince!

25 january 2017

Dear perfume lovers,

For several months now, the OSMOZ team has been developing its Scent Tour in partnership with Iriscent, the Olfactive Architect. Quésaco? The idea is to develop olfactive experiences combining pleasure (perfume trends, gifts, advice, contests...) and exploration (events, workshops, visits... ) in collaboration with our perfume collaborators.

In January, OSMOZ is partnering with Marina de Bourbon and is accompanying you in its scent explorations. 


Let's start our cruise alongside Monsieur de Prince, both elegant and refined. The breeze of fresh and aquatic notes are reminiscent of the sea. This fragrance is a dive in the heart of an indigo ocean where sparkling notes of bergamot are coated with fresh mint. At the heart, a green floral accord with both violet leaves and a geranium fougère accords draws us towards a scented abyss. Covered with patchouli, the sea depth takes root in a mysterious vetiver.

Would you like to be a part of our next trip? send us an email to the following address: contact@osmoz.fr (Last name, first name and phone number).

A lucky winner will be selected to win the perfume Monsieur Le Prince, Elegant. Stay connected to discover our next layovers!

Some clues below:

See you next week!

The Osmoz team











Elodie Canzoneri

Elodie Canzoneri

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My name is Elodie Canzoneri, an olfactive architect based in paris. I work as a consultant for the fragrance and culture industry. My passion for art and music has led me to create Iriscent in 2016. Iriscent is an artistic laboratory that speaks in the name of perfumery and develops the art of...

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