2002 Creation
Man Gender
Aromatic - Fresh Olfactory groups
Olfactory pyramid
Top Notes : Clementine, Lime
Base Notes : Dry Wood, Green Wood
Perfume grade 2/5 Rate and comment perfume 1 Opinions
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Unusual notes grant the juice its “Very fun, Very clean and Very sexy” character.Very fun: dazzling sparks of lime and clementine evoke the turbulent thrill of a first date.Very clean: the freshly washed smell of a still-damp pair of jeans and T-shirt, with a subtle touch of green freshness, creates a sense of tender purity.Very sexy: dry and green woods burst into spontaneous combustion, awakening the senses.


This “Very fun, Very clean and Very sexy” fragrance was born of the designer’s desire to get back to the style that made his name, the classic, laid-back “American, jeans and T-shirt” look.Composed of masculine notes combined in an unusual way, T offers the next generation a trendy fragrance in its own image.


Eau de toilette 1.7 and 3.4 fl. oz.After-Shave 3.4 fl. oz.Baume après-rasage 3.4 fl. oz.Body and Hair Gel 6.8 fl. oz.Anti-perspirant Deodorant 6.8 fl. oz.Deodorant stickNatural Deodorant Spray 3.4 fl. oz.


The T bottle’s design, in the shape of a man’s chest, grants a virile character, while the transparent glass conveys a sense of the juice’s freshness and purity.The passionate red of the signature T suggests the energetically sexy facet.

  • Perfume moderately appreciated 06 may 2013

    I want to try this on my man. Clementine and lime and dry woods sound "very clean" and "very fun and laid back." Like a man who is so sexy he does not have to try so hard by using overpowering perfume. It sounds like something that would draw me in and seduce me.

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