Why sign up for OSMOZ?

Version dated 2012-09-05

By joining OSMOZ, you can say what you think about different perfumes and fragrances, and what each of them inspires in you! You’ll also have the chance to participate in consumer tests and studies that are exclusively reserved for members of the OSMOZ community… And if you contribute to the site regularly, you might earn fragrance-themed rewards!

To share your opinion about your favorite fragrances

What fragrances do you wear? Which ones inspire you? And which fragrances used to be your favorites in the past? By signing up on OSMOZ, you get to proclaim your preferences to the whole community, as well as sharing your thoughts about the fragrances that have mattered in your life. The more you share, the more OSMOZ points you earn, and the more fragrance-themed prizes you can win! Signing up on OSMOZ is also a great way to find out about other fragrances that would suit your tastes.

To contribute to the creation of the classic scents of the future

If you love perfume, you would like it if new fragrances took your olfactory expectations into account, wouldn’t you? Well, once you sign up on OSMOZ, and as long as you agree to receive mails from us, you’ll be able to participate in focus groups and studies, and be invited to test new scents.

To win fragrance-themed prizes… 


As soon as you sign up, the more you contribute, the more OSMOZ points you earn!

Depending on the number of points you have, you can climb the ranks of OSMOZ members: bronze, silver or gold.

Depending on your rank, you could:

  • win gifts : goodies, exclusive new fragrances and lots of other surprises reserved exclusively for OSMOZ members!
  • get your portrait on OSMOZ!
  • enjoy lots of other surprises!


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