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Who are we?

Version dated 2012-09-04

OSMOZ – Share your fragrances is a social network for fragrance and perfume consumers. The purpose is to allow access to opinions and advice from other consumers and to the expertise of Firmenich, the publisher of the site since 2001.

OSMOZ, a creation of the Firmenich group

OSMOZ has been published since 2001 by Firmenich, a world-wide leader in fragrance and flavor creation and production. Our goal is to promote perfume and fragrance around the world. In the words of Patrick Firmenich, CEO of Firmenich, “We believe that more educated consumers will lead to consumers with even more pleasure in using fragrances (…).”OSMOZ also allows Firmenich to know consumers better, in order to create stunning new fragrances.

OSMOZ: the one-stop site for advising perfume consumers

OSMOZ – Share your fragrances provides trustworthy advice and opinions about all perfumes and fragrances – not just those designed by Firmenich. The database contains over 5,000 products that consumers and experts alike can discuss. It provides a forum for expressing opinions about fragrances, describing your relationship to them and sharing your feelings about them with the entire OSMOZ community. It is to everyone’s benefit that this large number of opinions allows trends to emerge and become visible. The site also offers a wide range of contents about perfume culture and major products and market trends based on Firmenich’s knowledge and expertise.