An Homage to the city of Paris.
An almost burlesque side of the proud Madame Lavande de France. Frivolous, powdery notes of caramel and musk weave in and out all around Madame, while exotic fruits join in. Pure and wild at the same time, like a visit to the Bibliothèque nationale followed by dinner and a show at the «Crazy Horse» cabaret.


Kiki is a fragrance for individualists with French Chic. In order to render the scents lighter than the extracts and easier to wear, the compositions have been simplified; yet that “je ne sais quoi” unmistakably characterizing the extracts is still clearly there. Vero Kern replaced the animalic notes with the unique scent of the passionfruit which lends a sensual and erotic lightness to the composition. Like an invisible thread, the intriguing scent of passionfruit links the four of five perfumes: it is at the core of every changing, unexpected olfactory sensations with multifaceted evolutions.


Spray 1.7 oz

  • No rate for this perfume 17 february 2015

    Vero Profumo has "blown me away," with the honest description of what is really in the top, middle and base notes of this scent. It's loaded, it has high concentration of essential oils. I'd like to try Kiko EDP and Rubi EDP first from this brand.

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