2004 Creation
Man Gender
Oriental - Woody Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes : Rhubarb, Fruity Notes
Heart Notes : Sequoia Wood, Spices
Base Notes : Vetiver, Amber
Perfume grade 4/5 Rate and comment perfume 4 Opinions
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A fragrance co-composed by two nosed: Christine Nagel and Jacques Huclier. They were inspired by A*men’s seductively woody heart – so beloved of connoisseurs. With its fruity, spicy notes blended with rhubarb, the scent delivers a stunning new energy. The fragrance’s architecture was constructed from sensual, luminous sequoia wood, reinforced with amber and dry wood notes.

At a glance

Look, in the air: new color codes, a fresher, woodier trail, an essence inspired by comic-book superheroes… it’s B*Men, the new star fragrance for men from Thierry Mugler.


This new essence for men is inspired by Thierry Mugler’s childhood passion for comic books and superheroes. And so, a few years after the successful launch of A*Men, comes the amazing B*Men, the second hero of this fantastic saga. A character with incredible powers, whose strength and determination make him the champion of a world in danger. The fragrance aims to be more rhythmic and dynamic than A*Men. While preserving the same geometric shapes, it adopts a new color scheme: red and khaki.


Rechargeable Metal Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4 fl. oz.; Eau de Toilette Spray Recharge, 3.4 fl. oz.; Eau de Toilette Spray (rubber bottle), 1.7 fl. oz.; Hair and Body Shampoo, 6.8 fl. oz.; Deodorant Stick, 2.6 oz.


The shape of the bottles and the other products in the range is directly inspired from the A*Men line. But the colors are completely different: the black (and metallic gray) give way to khaki, and the blue to a luminous red. The case goes black and red. Special mention goes to the rechargeable metal bottle with its sleek metallic feel and opaque color.

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