Hello I am hannah.margoliswelcome


I have 295 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2013-02-04 Website http://www.xojane.com

a londoner in the middle east and a perfume lover

I currently wear at least 5 fragances

I anoint: On my wrists / arms, On my body, On my neck, On my hair, On my clothing

I have fragrance I use for everyday wear and another one for special occasions, I wear different fragrance depending on if it’s daytime or evening, I love fragrance and when I find one I like, I buy it

I wear: Jean-Paul Gaultier , Hypnotic Poison, 1881 Collection, D&G 10 - La Roue de la Fortune, MALABAH

I apply fragrance: 7 days a week

I buy fragrance: Once every 4-5 months

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D&G 10 - La Roue de la Fortune
Jean-Paul Gaultier "Classique"
212 sexy
ANGEL Le Goût du Parfum
Light Blue
She Wood
ANGEL Le Goût du Parfum
Coco Mademoiselle Eau de toilette
pure grace
CK One

As a teenager, I loved the way that this fresh, sort of soapy fragrance smells

She Wood

I was bought this as a gift and it did not sit well on my skin, as I used to smoke. The scent is eclectic but is not sexy.

ANGEL Le Goût du Parfum

When I was a girl, I was given a tiny bottle of Angel by my mother's friend, who had brought it back from Paris. I loved it so much that I was afraid to use it. I adored this even...