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Itsy bitsy perfumes collection

26 march 2015

To collect miniature bottles of perfume is an art in itself. If you feel tempted, here are a few ideas and recommendations on how to get started:


First of all, chose a theme and stick to it : men’s fragrances? Fragrances of one specific brand? Of one specific olfactory family? This is your call! And you will find all the help and information you need within the pages of OSMOZ.


Then ask around you, but remember miniatures (small size bottles) are no samples (usually tube-shapes). Go to perfume and second-hand shops, visit online stores... Beware, however, for many counterfeit copies are in circulation.


There also are some specialised fairs, but items can be a bit pricey on such occasions.


Keep track of the prices of these beauties : you will find valuable info in the many dedicated publications and websites, such as and


Once you have started collecting miniatures, make sure you treat them right:

- Never open the bottle, the perfumes would suffer oxidation and the miniature would lose its collectible value (unless you collect bottles exclusively, of course).

- Protect them from direct light, heat and moisture. Hence, prefer the bedroom, office or living room to the bathroom, for example.

- Do not throw away the packaging!

- Be gentle with the miniatures and their labels, use only a soft cloth when cleaning them.



Share your best collector’s tips with the community and tell us which miniatures you would like to get!


Photos: © Lolita Lempicka, © Lancôme

OSMOZ team

OSMOZ team

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  • 10 june 2017

    No miniatures for me. I do collect bottles after I use them for decoration. They are kawaii being mdogo mdogo though.

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  • 26 december 2015

    Les miniatures ont quelque chose de désuet et de charmant. Plus jeune, j'aimais en avoir, les conserver, les observer. Aujourd'hui, l'idée de posséder un parfum à travers le temps ne m'intéresse plus. J'use et j'abuse de mes senteurs. J'en ai gardé cependant une vingtaine, en guise de souvenir d'une époque révolue. Quelques uns décorent fièrement ma coiffeuse.

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  • 29 november 2015

    Love miniature :)

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  • 25 september 2015

    Souvenirs, souvenirs :)

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