Miroir des Vanités

Miroir des Vanités

2008 Creation
Man Gender
Woody - Aromatic Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes : Citrus
Heart Notes : Quinquina Bark
Base Notes : Vetiver
Miroir des Vanités
Perfume grade 4/5 Rate and comment perfume 2 Opinions
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The most masculine of the fragrances in the Miroir Miroir collection is described as a woody effervescent, tinted with citrus notes and quinine (a bitter note that you’ll recognize from Schweppes’ Indian Tonic). Designed by: Alexis Dadier, Mane

At a glance

A woody effervescent that’s as dark as it is luminous


Miroir des Vanités (“Mirror of Vanities”) is one of the fragrances in couturier Thierry Mugler’s niche collection, ‘Miroir Miroir’. According to Alexis Dadier, the designer, ‘Mugler’s world is populated with new heroes, at once fascinating and mysterious (…) powerful and fragile. This fragrance was born of the constant vibration between the pure and the obscure’. Available from selected points of sale.


Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz.


A glass-and-metal beveled bottle topped with an asymmetrical cap.

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