2004 Creation
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Woody - Aromatic Olfactory groups

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An intensely sensual, highly comfortable woodsy essence. The oak note is reinforced with resinous and spicy black thyme, plus the almost smoky scent of silver birch bark, a rum note and an undergrowth-and-tonka-bean closing. An extraordinary success.

At a glance

Serge Lutens proposes an ode to the legendary oak tree. A majestic and sensual interpretation.


After Fumerie Turque, the Shiseido salons at Paris’s Palais Royal are once again launching an emotional fragrance evocative of wonderful tales and rare ingredients. Orchestrated by the house’s own creator, Serge Lutens, the oak, the tree that is a symbol of strength from fairy tales to Richard the Lionhearted, here becomes an elixir of bold sensuality. A confident scent in which woods, resins and balms are transcended. A rare essence for men and women to share.


Eau de Parfum, 2.5 fl. oz.


The house’s round, elongated bottle, crowned with an iridescent cap. And adorned with nothing more than a black label.

  • Perfume appreciated 15 june 2013

    Majestueux, hyper sensuelle , le bois du rhum

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  • Exceptional perfume 25 may 2013

    C'est certainement le plu sbeau boisé que je porte, si vous aimez l'odeur du chêne sous toute ses formes ou qu evous voulez le sentir, ce parfum est fai tpour vous, lorsqu'il tronçonné, taillé en planche, assemblé, patiné! A ceci s'ajoute des note de cognac ambré, de rhum , il à une tenue superbe, une présence, une classe incroyable ici le chêne devient bois précieux ! Mon préferré chez Lutens !!

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  • Popular perfume 25 november 2012

    Il sent vraiment le maquis corse ! la nature

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