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Covet in described as a classic feminine fragrance, a fougere accord (lavender, geranium, woods), with wet greens, floral notes, chocolate and sensuous base notes. Perfumer : Frank Völkl, Firmenich.

At a glance

Impulsive, indulgent, irresistible... ‘I’ve got to have it’


‘I had to have it’ says the advertising for Covet. Shot by Jean Paul Goude on Place Vendome in Paris, the ad features Sarah Jessica Parker, dressed in a Christian Lacroix haute couture gown. Spotting the Covet fragrance in a boutique, ‘she smashes the window with her heel, snatches (...) the bottle’ but ‘is handcuffed and hauled away to prison’. After Lovely, launched in 2005, Covet is SJP’s second fragrance.


Eau de parfum 1.7 and 3.4 oz ; Body Lotion 6.7 oz ; Bath & Shower Gel 6.7 oz.


The bottle is inspired by ‘a polished cabochon-like gemstone’. The cap is a ‘multifaceted ring in shade of smoky topaz’.

  • Perfume unappreciated 01 may 2013

    Sarah did not hit it out of the park with Covet. Covet is an unpleasant fragrance to me. Maybe it contained too much geranium and wet greens. All of the other accords blended to make a bouquet where not one stuck out over the other. Could not get over the idea that I was smelling something like dirt or a garden run amok.

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  • Perfume appreciated 12 november 2012

    I got it because I 'had to have it.' My response after wearing it? Eh...

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