by Rochas
1944 Creation
Woman Gender
Chypre - Fruity Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes : Rosewood, Peach, Plum, Cumin
Heart Notes : Jasmine, Rose, Cloves, Iris
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When you first open the bottle, a cocktail of fruit scents drifts out: bergamot, peach, plum, followed by the flowery aroma of rose and jasmine. The bottom note contains oakmoss coupled with woody and amber notes.


Women, couture, and perfumes were one and the same for Marcel Rochas. "A woman must be smelled before she is seen," he would say. "When the door opens, her image wafts to my nostrils: if I don't know her, it conjures up imaginary visions; if I do, it is a delightful prelude." Marcel Rochas and his partner were seeking to launch a haute couture perfume for women. Edmond Roudnitska's creation charmed them immediately with its warm chypre accord, its flowery rose-and-jasmine touch, its fruity plum scent and the sensuality of its amber notes. They adopted it without a moment's hesitation, so impressed were they with the unsettling and bewildering presence of the heady perfume.


The amphora-shaped bottle was designed by Marcel Rochas. Inspired by Mae West's shapely hips, Monsieur Rochas wanted to materialize his idea of the ideal woman with a slim hourglass waist and generous curves.

  • Exceptional perfume 21 may 2015

    Presentacion super elegante y fina. Excelentes notas. Me gustaria probarlo!!

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  • Exceptional perfume 14 september 2014

    Me emociona. Mi cabeza estalla en recuerdos. Es una maravilla. Cuánta perfección! Sin hablar de su creador. Todo. Estoy en un centro comercial. No dejo de oler mi muñeca una y otra vez. Tal vez la niñez. La vida entera. Pero, por sobre todas las cosas, una llave armoniosa y cautivadora que va a acompañarme el resto de mi vida. No lo sé decir de otro modo.

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  • Popular perfume 23 september 2013

    Made by the legendary Edmond Roudnitska himself "spells success." I trust him supremely. Spraying this on would be insurance that you would have a "good hair day." Not that your hair would be perfect, but it would smell perfect and that is sometimes more desirable to men. Indulge.

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  • Exceptional perfume 26 august 2013

    Voilà un parfum qui ne se laisse pas apprivoiser par n'importe quelle femme! Opulent, rond, enveloppant et si singulier pour une insaisissable "Femme"

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