São João Pimenta & Limão

São João Pimenta & Limão

by Natura
2005 Creation
Mixed Gender
Woody - Spicy Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes : Citrus, Fruity Notes
Base Notes : Breu Branco, Woody Notes
São João Pimenta & Limão
Perfume grade 4/5 Rate and comment perfume 4 Opinions
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Pimenta reveals a cocktail of citrus and spices, including hot pepper. This bath water also contains essence of breu branco resin. Fresh and spontaneous, Limão, with its zesty notes of Tahitian lime, contains essential oils of copaïba and capim limão. The following pyramid is for Pimenta.

At a glance

Two colorful new eaux with all the rhythm of Brazil


Natura, the N°1 cosmetics brand in Brazil, presents two new products from its fragrance and bath collection. These two aguas de banhos (”bath waters”) are veritable olfactory voyages: a cross between fragrance and skin care, you rub them into your skin in the bath or shower, then rinse them off. Discover these two energetic cocktails of Amazonian woods, plants and fruit for the pleasure of your senses. For a sunny and dynamic feeling of freshness, choose Limão; to turn up the heat, Pimenta. Both products are unisex, for men and women to share. For more information: www.natura.com


Bath Water, 13.6 fl. oz.


This is the same rounded, curvy bottle as for their other bath waters, presented here in colorful, festive packaging. Limão flaunts a lime-green hue, Pimenta, a red-hot one.

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