Rêve érotique

Rêve érotique

2014 Creation
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Woody - Floral musk Olfactory groups

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Rêve érotique
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A fragrance whose olfactory signature evokes extreme sensuality, a perfume to be "touched", a perfume for the skin. This ultra-sensual fragrance borders on eroticism, thanks to the musky, amber and slightly animal notes. The syrupy top notes, reminiscent of rum and davana, lead us unrelentingly beyond the boundaries of reason.

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Awakening all the senses


NANA.M PARFUMS is draws on local expertise, perfume from Grasse and the art of glass blowing from Biot. Hand-blown by an artisan glass blower, the bottles are all unique works. These unique fragrances – by Céline Ripert - offer an alternative to high-end classic perfumery, where luxury, fantasy, passion, modernity and tradition all rub shoulders.


Eau de parfum 1.7 oz, Refill, Miniature

  • Perfume unappreciated 30 november 2015

    L'ensemble me paraît suranné et m'évoque plutôt un bouquet de fleurs séchées... rien de bien érotique pour cette fragrance...

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  • No rate for this perfume 28 november 2015

    Pas emballée par ce Rêve Érotique auquel je trouve une construction un peu datée. Je vais y revenir plus tard. On verra.

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