Un jardin après la mousson

Un jardin après la mousson

2008 Creation
Man Gender
Citrus - Aromatic Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Base Notes : Vetiver, Longose
Un jardin après la mousson
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A spicy, green, damp, citrussy eau that evokes the scent of ginger lemonade, with the tart, peppery smell of lime. It describes the scent of plants, cool spices, longose blossom and green vetiver.

At a glance

A poetic voyage of discovery in an unexpected India


After the Mediterranean and the banks of the Nile, Hermès invites us to discover the rebirth of Indian nature after the rainy season. For him or her, Un jardin après la mousson (“A Garden after the Monsoon”) was designed by Hermès’s in-house perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena. After the monsoon, he says, ‘the leaves turn green again (…) water brings out a crisp, cool scent (…) the sense of smell is reborn: alive, clear, wet’.


Eau de Toilette 1.7 and 3.4 oz.; Scented Lotion 6.8 oz.; Bath & Shower Gel 6.8 oz.


You’ll recognize the house bottle, but with a blue-toned base. The packaging is garbed in patterns of ‘exuberant flora and mischievous fauna’.

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