by Dior
1985 Creation
Woman Gender
Floral - Orange Tuberose Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

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This heady oriental perfume first grasps you with a fruity burst of orange blossom, followed by a spicy note of wild berries, Russian coriander and cinnamon from Ceylon.Sensuality reaches its climax in the end note composed of honey, amber, opoponax and Abyssinian musk.


Poison is the first Christian Dior perfume that does not bear the creator's name. His aim was to create a provocative, dramatic impact, and it succeeded: the perfume drew an emotive reaction from the public."Perfume is a poison for the heart", wrote Paul Valéry. And this is precisely what this new perfume evokes, with its unsettling, charismatic and seductive fragrance which is difficult to ignore.The startling name, "Poison", expresses love and antagonism.


Maurice Marinot, the master glassmaker of the 1920s, well known for his lavish colors, intriguing shapes and thick glass, designed and made the Poison bottle. A dark amethyst color gives Poison its enigmatic look. The rounded contours of the perfume bottle resemble those of an apple, with a gold-tipped cap topping the ensemble.

  • Exceptional perfume 22 may 2017

    Fabuleux, pour moi le meilleur parfum de DIOR. Je ne résiste pas à son mélange fruité ambré. Il est reconnaissable entre tous. Peut-on faire mieux?

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  • No rate for this perfume 02 october 2015

    Que delicia . sentir el aroma de sándalos , nada mas rico que después de un buen baño enfrentar una jornada con un aroma de especias mmmm delicia!!!!

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  • Popular perfume 14 may 2015

    des sa sortie je l ai porte et ce pendant sept ans ,trop porte sans doute, je peu le sentir mais plus possible de le porter

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  • Exceptional perfume 24 april 2015

    Cadeau d'anniversaire. Retour au parfum de ma mère. Nostalgie? Chez moi l'opoponax domine. Quelle chance que les années 80 aient existé.

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  • Exceptional perfume 10 april 2013

    Is there anything left to be said about Poison? This hyper-sized beast from the 80s has generated respect, fear, loyalty, adoration and perplexity in equal measure since it initially branded its unmistakable tuberose accord on our collective consciousness. My first encounter with it was in the shopping malls of Dubai, where it trailed behind not just the Emirati women, but also the men, who found its syrupy thickness in keeping with their cultural perceptions of ‘masculine’ scents. Way back then, those brave boys knew what we all know now: Poison is a one-of-a-kind wonder, and a genuine classic of perfumery.

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