2008 Creation
Man Gender
Oriental - Woody Olfactory groups

Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes : Oliban, Copal
Base Notes : Amber, Resin
Perfume grade 3/5 Rate and comment perfume 2 Opinions
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For men or women, Incense is based on copal. According to Demeter ‘A fragrance term copal is now also used to describe resinous substances (…) between more viscous and 'gummy' resins and amber.’

At a glance

An incense fragrance based on copal


Demeter’s Incense is warm, inviting and enveloping. It’s a fragrance that is centered on a core of copal, ‘a type of resin produced by plant or tree secretions, particularly identified with the forms of aromatic tree resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica…’. To create a meditative ambience at home, Incense also exists in room spray. Fore more info:


Cologne spray 4, 1 and 0.5 oz ; Bath & Body Oil 3 oz ; Calming Lotion 4 oz ; 4 oz Room Spray.


The Demeter signature bottle with a white and orange label..

  • Perfume appreciated 24 october 2013

    It is written «gender : men» but I think women can wear it easily. It is a quite nice amber / incense / resin perfume and it is really affordable.

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  • Perfume appreciated 05 june 2013

    A new fragrance word "copal." Used to describe resinous notes. Well. Demeter does a good job of "nailing certain scents to a T." I doubt this will last long if you get attached to the fragrance. Theirs seem to evaporate quickly.

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