Pour un Homme

Pour un Homme

by Caron
1934 Creation
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Oriental - Fougere Olfactory groups

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Pour un Homme
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A soliflore is a composition built around one note, in this case lavender, the queen of fragrances for a whole generation of men. Pour un Homme combines the aromatic freshness of lavender with the refined warmth of vanilla, giving the fragrance an original contrast of subtle and elegant freshness with a lingering scent.


In their time, Caron and Coty epitomised French perfumes in America. The founder of Caron, Ernest Daltroff, who was of Russian Jewish origin, never gave his name to the business for fear of Fascist repercussions. A world traveler, His perfumes reflect the influences of fragrances and colors of faraway lands. Pour un Homme is a"soliflore” of lavender with a powdery end note, much appreciated by men yesterday and today. The perfume has been associated with the act of shaving. The English prefer lavender whereas Latins have traditionally preferred citrus notes.

  • Exceptional perfume 26 december 2015

    achteté pour mon mari il y a quelques années, il l'adore pour son originalité. je le lui emprunte parfois !

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  • Popular perfume 21 july 2015

    Ce grand parfum est intemporel. Il est à parier que les ingrédients n'ont pas forcément été touchés, mais qu'il se soit vu dilué. Dommage. Pas grave, il suffit d'en remettre dans la journée avec ces mini-pshitt de poche.

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  • Exceptional perfume 01 june 2015

    Excelente combinacion de notas!!

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  • Exceptional perfume 01 june 2015

    Presentacion fresca, elegante y moderna, me fascina!

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  • Exceptional perfume 10 april 2013

    A sales assistant at a perfumery in Antibes once told me that few scents have as fervent a following as Caron’s perennial Pour Un Homme. “Wives try to buy something new for their husbands,” she said, “but then the men always come back with the bottle and beg me, ‘Please, can I change this for my Caron!’”. Their devotion isn’t difficult to understand. Combining the freshness of lavender with the skin-friendly intimacy of caramelised musks, Pour Un Homme displays effortless elegance at every stage of its development. Long may it be the fragrance of choice for discerning gents!

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