Hello I am Serafina nagalbronze

Serafina  nagal

I have 490 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2013-09-08

My name is Serafina nagal, married, with two kids and presently without a job. I am a full-time homemaker to my own family. I was a former entrepreneur of a business. I was also engaged in selling and any business that is related to selling., marketing and other business that is of good profit. I am a four year course graduate, and I am a natural born filipino, and living presently in the country Philippines.. i am now active at home for online business to help my family gain additional income.. I do hope that joining at surveys could really be a worthwhile job for me while at home with my children.

I currently wear 1 fragances

I apply fragrance: 7 days a week

Burberry Body

I love this fragrance simply because of its cylindrical shape and easy to carry wherever I go.

Burberry Body

Indeed, the shape is somehow cylindric and sexy, just timely for my sweet moods. I love to hold this bottle aside from being cute and easy to handle.

Imari Seduction

Yeah, this fragrance is worn by yours truly for almost always. I feel that this perfume can be casually used, aside from its natural and sweet smell,

Ekos Perfume do Brasil Priprioca

Wow! this is so unique to my sight and smell, it has a unique and cute bottle that is suited for my elegant bag.