Hello I am verudazwelcome


I have 190 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2013-06-05

I currently wear at least 5 fragances

I anoint: On my wrists / arms, On my body, On my neck, On my hair, Behind my ears, On my clothing, On my cleavage/chest, Spray it in the air & envelope myself in it

I have fragrance I use for everyday wear and another one for special occasions, I wear different fragrance depending on if it’s daytime or evening, I wear different fragrance, depending on the season, I wear different...

I wear: Giorgio, N°5, Green Tea

I apply fragrance: 7 days a week

I buy fragrance: Less than once a year

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dream angels HEAVENLY BLOOM
Eau de Giorgio
So In Love
Very Sexy for Her
Very Sexy Hot (Very Sexy for Her 2)
dream angels HEAVENLY BLOOM

Delicated and exquisite