Hello I am lu.miranda.ceballoswelcome


I have 214 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2013-02-05

I currently wear 4 fragances

I anoint: On my wrists / arms, On my body, On my neck, Behind my ears, On my clothing

I have fragrance I use for everyday wear and another one for special occasions, I wear different fragrance depending on if it’s daytime or evening, I wear different fragrance, depending on the season, I love fragrance...

I wear: Kenzo Jungle pour l'Homme, L’EAU BLEUE D’ISSEY pour homme, KENZO POWER, Terre d'Hermès PARFUM, Womanity, Fahrenheit 32

I apply fragrance: 7 days a week

I buy fragrance: Once every 4-5 months

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Kenzo Jungle pour Homme

After Kenzo pour Homme, my signature fragrance in the late 90´s. I believe still in production, but very hard to find in stores. It is unique, great and misterious scent with...


Addictive. More heady, sharp, sweet fruity and salty than woody. Great perfume that it tends to unisex rather than feminine. Love it!