Hello I am farris38silver


I have 1160 OSMOZ points and I am registered since 2012-10-25

love this site!

I currently wear 4 fragances

I anoint: On my wrists / arms, On my body, On my neck, On my cleavage/chest

I wear different fragrance depending on if it’s daytime or evening, I wear different fragrance, depending on the season, I wear different fragrances depending on whether I stay at home or go out, I like to match my...

I apply fragrance: 7 days a week

I buy fragrance: Once every 4-5 months

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Bleecker Street
L'EAU Serge Lutens
Mûre et Musc
Virgin Island Water
Midnight Oud
Bleecker Street
Eau de Jatamansi
INFUSION D’IRIS Eau de Toilette
L'EAU Serge Lutens
Marc Jacobs Perfume
Terre d'Hermès
Virgin Island Water
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Terre d'Hermès

When I feel like a woody spicy scent I wear this. Not too often, but every once in awhile.

Marc Jacobs Perfume

This is the BEST job on a Gardenia I have ever smelled. If you close your eyes and smell this you can almost visualize the real flower. Very pretty and fresh without being...

Bleecker Street

Very unusual combination but I enjoy wearing this fragrance. It is more masculine than feminine and for certain moods but I enjoy it when I wear it.

A la Nuit

Far away from what I usually wear but such an amazing scent. Very deep and very sensual. Lots of compliments when I wear it.