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Solid perfumes (“concrètes”)

20 february 2015

The “concrete” is, literally and historically, the fragrant paste obtained by “cleaning” plants with solvants: solvants absorb the fragrances and then, after decanting and filtering, they evaporate, leaving just the concrète paste.


In 1921, Molinard launched “Concréta”, the first solid perfume: "natural flower wax used directly as a perfume".

Over the last few years, solid perfumes have met ever-growing success: Diptyque’s range includes several fragrances, such as “Essences insensées “ (“insane scents”, with Mimosa, May Rose, Heliotrope). Or “L’Ombre dans l’eau” (“shadow in the water”): bergamot and mandarin gently descend on blackcurrant sap, only disturbed by Damas roses. A floral rush made rounder by amber gris and musks.

Paco Rabanne (One Million), Thierry Mugler (Angel), Chanel (Coco Mademoiselle) or Marc Jacobs (Daisy, Lola)… great perfumers are attracted to this unique format, too, that brings touch into the olfactory world and makes aroma suddenly tangible.


Killian chose to add perfume to a series of 4 leather bracelets, for which they created two fragrances: Santal Noir (black sandalwood) et Tabac Blond (blond tobacco).

Perfume can now express itself outside of a bottle as it becomes real, palpable matter.


Now tell us : what do you think of this alternative way to wear perfume?


Photos © Molinard © Diptyque © Kilian

OSMOZ team

OSMOZ team

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  • 11 june 2017

    interesting. I have never had a solid fragrance before but would not mind trying one.

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  • 25 september 2015

    Je suis curieuse et pressée de tester !

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  • 05 april 2015

    Très pratique la concrète. Comme le dit Clairdejour, c'est formidable quand un parfum devient matière. Cela concorde tellement avec nous, êtres humains, qui sont aussi formés de matière. Cela devient une union encore plus "charnelle", plus parfaite c'est le cas de le dire. Toutefois, je suis tellement amoureuse de la gestuelle physique de la parfumerie traditionnelle (nuage, vapo dans les cheveux, les voiles des vêtements, et tout) que ne m'apporterait pas l'utilisation d'un parfum solide. J'en demeure toutefois un peu tristounette.

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  • 23 february 2015

    I first tried concrete fragrances about 9 years ago. It was Shanghaijava Blue Orchidee from Crazylibellule Paris France. I enjoy concrete fragrances. They stash well in a purse. .............Je ai d'abord essaye parfumes concretes il ya environ 9 ans. Ce etait Shanghaijava Blue Orchidee de Crazylibellule Paris France. Je apprecie parfums concretes. Ils stash bien dans un sac a main.

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