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To Spray or Not to Spray: 5 Reasons Why Perfume is a Lifetime Essential

25 september 2012

For those who still think otherwise, no, perfume is not a deodorant nor a bodyspray, but a divine aroma “born to be smelled”. Here the golden rule of the modern age applies: less is more. Subtlety is key, so avoid a literal overdose of the stuff.

But for those of you who are wavering slightly, why wear perfume in the first place? Recently perfume has suffered the occasional blow (office perfume bans, lawsuits in the States) so we felt it time to remind the world of 5 definitive reasons why perfume is a fashion must-have and not just an optional accessory.


1. Individuality

A perfume is your unique signature, the invisible icing on the proverbial cake. The other four senses may well do their thing, but the sense of smell is the only one that’ll work magic for you and really set you apart.

2. Escape

Much like music, a perfume reflects and changes our mood. A breath of citrus on a cold morning instantly transports us to warmer climates. A fragrance helps you to escape and dream, it can make you feel on top of the world or give you that cool relaxed edge.

3. Memory

Scent and memory are tightly interwoven. If you wear a new perfume on a first date, it will forever remind you of the day where it all began. If you buy a new scent for your latest vacation and wear it every day, you will forever be filled with fond memories of those days strolling along the sea surrounded by gorgeous skies. Beware though not to give a perfume its debut on one of those “bad days” – who’d have thought that you would get dumped the day you first wore Gucci by Gucci?!

4. Versatility

Perfume is by no means child’s play. Each moment is intricately timed and planned, from the moment you first apply the fragrance to late in the evening when the fragrance shows its true colors. Perfume is designed like a symphony with three distinct notes: the top notes, middle notes and base notes, with the notes unfolding over time as each layer gradually evaporates, leaving that special someone in a state of excited shock.

5. The compliments

Oh yes, we all know that moment well, when you wear your new perfume for the very first time and you waltz into the office leaving a beautiful trail behind you. One by one the compliments fly your way, each as indulgent as the next. That’s it, your confidence levels are sky high and you’re ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Well, almost anything…

So, there you have it, there’s no excuse.
Let there be scent.

What about you? What is it about perfume that gets you ticking?
Let us know below...


Timothy Partridge

Timothy Partridge

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Although I speak French, German and Arabic, at heart I’m a British nomad. In any case, I see the world from a totally international perspective. I’m inspired both by young Oriental designers and by Mary Quant, a fellow Brit. I find fashion’s revolutionary aspect endlessly fascinating. As a...

  • 29 july 2013

    Perfume also plays a huge part of seduction for me (on me & what the man is wearing also). It also plays a part in making me feel sexy. Some Yellow Diamonds by Versace and I instantly feel sexy.

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  • 03 june 2013

    For Compliments (which is 2nd important): Happy and Ralph. Escape is Tommy Bahama. Memory is licorice from my father & his mother's candy pantry: Lolita. Versatility: I wish a lot of top notes would not disappear but last until the end. Rolling on top of sheets leave the dry-down of your perfume. Make it a good & not overpowering scent with too much musk or patchouli: Coach by Coach or Armani Code.

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  • 03 june 2013

    For Individuality (my many sides) I'll choose the following: Confident Light (Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal or Extreme Perfumee by Bvlgari), Confident Bold (Acqua Di Goia or Madame by J.P. Gaultier, Impulsive or Adventure (Ed Hardy), Seduction (Armani Code or Lolita Lempicka), Sexy (Ombre Bleue by Brosseau or Lolita), Innocent (G by Gwen Stefani, Tommy Girl), Smart (Coach by Coach or Sonia Rykiel), Nice and Sweet (Ralph by Ralph Lauren or Happy by Clinique) or Fun & Outgoing (Poppy by Coach, Juicy Couture).

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  • 03 june 2013

    Timothy, I love your article. I've stated on Osmoz before that many men and women often wear scent as a stronger deodorant than deodorants on the market (like Gillette Cool Wave, Axe products, Most of Philosophy's line). I don't mind if this is how they choose to use perfume - they are after all - buying perfume. I am thoroughly upset by bans on perfume in the office and any perfume lawsuits brought forth in my native America. That said, I'll comment separately on what gets me "ticking about perfume."

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