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What perfume to pick… for what woman?

30 august 2012

You don’t pick a perfume just because you like the smell. The most important thing is to be sure it suits you. More than just a trail, your perfume is like your signature, a momentary aura that you will leave behind. To help you in your search for the perfume that will suit you to a T, here is a quick guide to matching perfumes and personalities…

You’re tender and romantic… you’ll love Cacharel’s Anaïs Anaïs


Sensitive, feminine and cheerful, you appreciate the simple pleasures: a bouquet of flowers, a tender moment with your sweetheart… Everyone appreciates how good and loving you are – especially that special someone who’s closest to your heart. 

With its blend of rose, jasmine and hyacinth, Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel will naturally reveal your femininity and your gentle nature. Just like the other fragrances in the floral family.

You’re sultry and mysterious… you’ll love Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison


Sultry and seductive, you are aware of your power, and you love to turn heads. A fusion of four intense accords, composed respectively around bitter almond,Sambac jasmine, Jacaranda wood and sensual vanilla, Hypnotic Poison will reveal your headiest, most carnal desires.

A member of the ambry family, a.k.a. “oriental scents,” it provocatively and magnetically unveils your inner femme fatale.

You’re bold and outgoing… you’ll love Miss Dior Chérie by Christian Dior


Up-to-date, active and independent, you want to get the most out of life. A true woman of today, you are both free-spirited and tenacious.

Go for a floral-chypre scent, like Miss Dior Chérie. Thanks to its essences of Egyptian jasmine and patchouli paired with voluptuous Indian tuberose, this sassy and fruity juice will live up to your ambitions.

You’re dynamic and genuine… you’ll love CK One by Calvin Klein


Peaceful and well-balanced, you enjoy fresh air and getting back to a soothing natural environment. Bursting with vitality and spontaneity, you need a scent that enhances your dynamism. 

CK One should be just what the doctor ordered! Notes of tea and bergamot, plus floral, fruity and spicy accords… But watch out: the light, fresh scent is so wonderfully discreet that it’s quite habit-forming!

What about you, have you found the fragrance that’s a perfect match for your personality yet?


Virginie Godin

Virginie Godin

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I knew from a tender young age that I wanted to write to share my passion for fashion and cosmetics. And I have been making a living at it for several years now, including almost a year as a fashion writer for As a serious collector of perfume miniatures when I was younger, talking...

  • 29 may 2013

    I don't favor Anais Anais, Miss Dior Cherie or CK One.

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  • 29 may 2013

    For my tender and romantic days-I wear Hombre Bleue, J'Adore, Jennifer Anniston, Annick Goutal's Eau De CHarlotte among others. For my sultry and seductive days- I wear Bob Mackie, Shalimar Light L.Edition,Acqua de Gioa, Juicy Couture, Lolita Lempicka & Fancy by J. Simpson, etc. . For my bold & outgoing days I wear Ed Hardy's, Happy, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Madame by Gaultier, etc. For dynamic and genuine I wear G by Stefani, Poppy by Coach, Ralph by R. Lauren. You would probably be correct in saying what I've picked for my moods might be odd.

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  • 29 may 2013

    Dear Virginie, I was fascinated by your article. I buy lots of fragrances by how the smell and I don't even worry about what I'll leave behind. People interpret me as they want. I care more about me liking the scent than if others will like it or try to pick out my personality through perfume. I don't doubt you are correct, that people will categorize you by the scent you wear. I kind of like people noticing my perfume and will always wonder just what they think I am. How the perfume smells and it's transformation to try-down is how I make the purchase decision. So many I have refused because of dry-down or middle notes. I am so many different sides that I want a large selection to reflect my mode for the day. I want energetic if I'm energetic. I want playful if I want to meet someone. I have seductive for those magic nights.

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  • 26 april 2013

    Les parfums cités sont énormément portés, je n'aime pas sentir un parfum sur plusieurs représente une identité, une personne qui nous est chère, avoir un de ces parfums me semble inconcevable puisque je vais le sentir sur la moitié des passantes.

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