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Men's fragrances : new fragrances for a new season!

09 october 2014

Back at work after the holiday, some fresh air is always welcome! Here are four ads for men's fragrances we would like you to discover.

Guerlain unveils L'Homme Idéal, in a pleasantly quirky film and with a touch of humour. Surrounded by many groupies, the male model chosen for this TV ad is a retro and sweet caricature of a man.

Music : Imelda May - Johnny Got a Boom Boom

Freed from urban codes, top model Willy Cartier (Shalimar's prince... of course!) runs barefoot across a city the jungle has taken over. For Only the Brave Wild, Diesel shows us how nature is reasserted ove a cold, modern world.

Music : Woodkid - Iron

Now the new face of Jimmy Choo fragrances and shoes, Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) is here in the company of a woman whose never-ending legs are everywhere, though her face remains mainly unseen.

Music : The War on Drugs - Red Eyes

The dreamlike video for Issey Miyake's Nuit d'Issey will take you to a somber desert, where the moonlight reveals a mysterious man walking through the sand... Just as mysterious is the music which, we are sorry to say, we do not know.


Now, in your opinion, do you think these films are in sync with the fragrances they feature?


Iris Delambre

Iris Delambre

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Whenever a perfume is launched, I want to try it. To buy it? Not necessarily. I have dozens of perfume bottles. Hundreds? Well... it is possible. Perfumes are a passion, but when I do not smell, I write. I love to write. Write about perfumes? What a good idea! MY FIRST FRAGRANCE It was...

  • 15 november 2014

    something to look forward to.

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  • 25 october 2014

    Je suis catastrophé par le marché du "parfum" aujourd'hui. Le marketing a tellement pris le pas sur la création et l'inovation que je n'entre plus dans les grandes chaines de magasins. Il existe heureusement encore quelques endroits où le vendeur va vous proposer des pépites... Mais oublions très vite 95% des parfums commerciaux d'aujourd'hui.

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  • 19 october 2014

    Je trouve toutes ces publicités froides et assez triste (franchement, le mec de Jimmy Choo a carrément l'air dépressif dans son pavillon et vêtements de rêve). C'est un univers plutôt étrange...

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  • 16 october 2014

    Honnêtement, la pub Jimmy Choo est à la limite du vulgaire, elle ne valorise ni la femme, ni l'homme...

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