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Vote for your favorite athlete with the Invictus Award

07 october 2013

You couldn’t possibly have missed this fragrance’s launch! With its woody, aquatic and slightly fruity notes, Invictus is the new men’s scent from Paco Rabanne.

And this fall, Paco Rabanne presents the Invictus Award. The competition pits 7 top athletes from 7 different countries (Brazil, France, England and more) against each other.

The winner gets €50,000 in funding to help him achieve his sports project.

And as a bonus, he’ll be the star of the 2015 Invictus calendar, which will follow the inaugural 2014 edition.

Swimmer, marathon runner, football player…: you’ve got until October 21 to vote for your favorite: http://www.pacorabanne.com/invictus

What do you think of Invictus? Do you like the scent? What about the bottle?

Iris Delambre

Iris Delambre

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Whenever a perfume is launched, I want to try it. To buy it? Not necessarily. I have dozens of perfume bottles. Hundreds? Well... it is possible. Perfumes are a passion, but when I do not smell, I write. I love to write. Write about perfumes? What a good idea! MY FIRST FRAGRANCE It was...

  • 22 october 2013

    J'ai participé in extrémis...

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  • 14 october 2013

    no es de asombrar con paco raban ya que siempre saca perfumes que siempre esta uno en el paraiso y mas si son aromas masculino

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  • 11 october 2013

    el frasco es uno de las innovaciones mas modernas y creativas que he visto, su fragancia inspira elegancia y sofisticacion

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  • 08 october 2013

    Je suis une grande amatrice de sport plus que de sportifs et j'avoue ne pas avoir tellement accroché avec le parfum Invictus... Je ne sais pas trop quel sportif lui conviendrait le mieux, du coup. Ceux du "jeu de Paco Rabanne" sont plus beaux les uns que les autres. On dirait des mannequins professionnels. Par contre, le concept de les enfermer dans une maison pour les filmer... très peu pour moi.

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