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London for perfume lovers

25 september 2013

If you plan to visit London this fall, don’t forget to take time for a fragrance escapade !


The new place to visit is the Etat Libre d’Orange boutique on Redchurch Street. In an unusual setting that looks like a bathroom, you’ll discover impertinent fragrances such as Putain des Palaces (Hotel Slut), Rien (Nothing)… and Tilda Swinton’s fragrance, Like This.



Not far, on Hanbury Street, you’ll certainly love Bloom. This small and lovely perfumery is dedicated to niche brands : Grossmith, Parfumerie Générale, Nasomatto


Well, you may think they’re too classical, but these two department stores deserve to be seen. First of all : Harrods, on Brompton Road. The legendary store proposes many exclusive fragrances, and on the 5th floor : the Haute Parfumerie lounge by Roja Dove. Less well-known, but highly recommended : Liberty, located on Regent Street. In this place like an English manor, you’ll smell fragrances by Miller Harris, Diptyque or Serge Lutens.


And until October 5th, at the Illuminum Lounge on Dover Street, art meets fragrance.

Don’t miss ‘Exhibition 01’ by the perfumer Cécile Zarokian and the illustrator Matthieu Appriou.


Photo of London : Wikipedia.


What about you, what are your favorite perfume stores in London ? 

Angelica Root

Angelica Root

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I love flowers, fashion… and of course perfumes ! I’m a true perfume lover. My friends always ask me when they want an advice on a new fragrance. What do I do when I’m not visiting perfumeries and department stores ? Well, I read books on botany. Did I tell you that I love flowers,...

  • 07 october 2013

    I've smelled nothing but offensive odors created by Diptyque. They are so weird I would not offer one as a hostess gift. With their outrageous price for a weirdly scented candle, it might be the rage to buy them for funeral pyres. I'd just look into their store window, but not for long.

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  • 28 september 2013

    Pour moi Londres, c'est Burberry.

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  • 26 september 2013

    Perfume Houses are now becoming a tourist attraction in London & France! Someday, I would like to visit a few. It would be wonderful to go into the large bathroom Etat Libre d' Orange. I love to see how people design & decorate their bathrooms. I do not peek in medicine chests or cabinets, though. I'd love to smell Nothing and Hotel Slut. Really. However, I do not want to purchase any scents that cost $350 - $600. That is just ridiculous.

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