Pennyroyal Mint (Mentha Pulegium)

Herbaceous, bitter, aromatic, minty and woody.


Japan, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia are the main producers.

Extraction Method

Pennyroyal mint essence is obtained through steam distillation of the blooming or partially dried plant.


Mint essence is used to add a fresh note to men's Colognes and eaux de toilettes. Mint is added to toothpastes, candies, chewing-gums and liqueurs.


The latin name comes from "pelux" which means "louse", from the mint sachets they used to deter lice. The sachets were changed once a week. Medicinal properties Helps digestion and breathing. Used as a soothing remedy for chills and skin rashes. Acts as a toner and a coolant. Increases physical strength, helps dispel anxiety and inferiority complexes. Mint is a symbol of hospitality.

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