Carvi (Carum Carvi)

Anisated, mentholated, aromatic, spicy, cumin.


Caraway grows wild and is also cultivated in Europe and Northern Africa. Its main producers are the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia and India.

Extraction Method

Caraway essence is obtained through distillation of the dried and crushed seeds of a common two-foot high plant that blooms from May to June. Caraway grows in mountainous areas, in pasturelands and clearings, and along trails. Its fruit is dark brown, oblong and flat, and has two seeds.


Because caraway is extremely strong, it is difficult to use in perfumery, but it can be found sometimes in men's eaux fraiches. In foods: caraway seeds are mixed with other seeds and served at the end of Indian meals to facilitate digestion. Caraway is used to flavor breads, cheeses (gouda and munster).


Caraway seeds were found in meal leftovers dating back to the Stone Age, in Egyptian tombs and caravan halting sites on the Silk Road. Caraway was believed to ward off separation, hence its use in love potions. It is probably the oldest spice used in Europe. Medicinal properties Stimulates the appetite, helps digestion. Used as a breath freshener.

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